Innovative Crafts and Silhouettes


Fashion designer Saba Tark Abdulwahid is developing the clothing collection ‘Innovative Crafts and Silhouettes’. She drew her inspiration for this collection from the Cubist Juan Gris and the Cubist Movement. The garments show Abdulwahid employing multiple perspectives and levelled-off volume in her use of colour and formal language. For this the designer is harnessing techniques such as moulding, folding and pleating. She is also working with several technologies including laser drawings and 3D embroidery, spawning a collection which she considers innovative in the use of silhouettes and materials and which is also created by means of a zero-waste method. Thus the designer seeks to counter the current fashion image, consumer behaviour and the ephemeral production of clothing. Abdulwahid has been invited to present her collection during Fashion Forward, an international fashion platform that takes place in October 2015 in Dubai.


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