Yesterday I visited the exhibition ‘Fashion, the musical‘ in Centraal Museum Utrecht. The museum added two chambers to this exhibition where you can view the work of upcoming talent. It’s a series of exhibitions in which the museum and the HKU (Hogeschool voor de kunsten Utrecht) present the work of promising talent. The series kicks off with Saba Tark from Baghdad. She studied at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design at the HKU.


Nomads of the World

Saba’s graduation project is called ‘Nomads of the World’. The collection is focused on haute couture and is inspired by the fabrics of nomadic people, in which function and beauty are paramount. In this collection Saba has created a modern tribe that has fled the hectic nature of everyday life in search of peace, quietness and freedom. Saba sought a new approach that translates craftsmanship and innovation into clothing: she developed new materials and techniques, adapted design methods and changed silhouettes.

Chamber 1: working method

The first chamber shows Saba’s working method. It really gave me a good impression of where she got her inspiration from. You can take a look at the loom on which she wove her fabrics, the fabrics themselves and the sketches Machteld Schouten made for Saba’s designs. What I loved about this chamber is that you could really feel the fabrics; most of the time you’re not allowed to touch art pieces in the museum.

Chamber 2: Final designs

In this chamber Saba shows her final collection. She draws attention to the cut, hand sewing and finish. Using moulage techniques (that is draping fabric on a tailor’s dummy) and a ‘zero waste’ design method. That means that she created silhouettes with geometric forms, reducing waste material by 80%.

You can visit ‘Nomads of the World’ in Centraal Musem Utrecht until November 30, 2014.

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