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Nomads Of The World featured on NJAL


Serenity, simplicity and traditional folklore, that’s what nomads do express, this worldly population and their traditional habits in clothing and textile inspire me in handicraft, material and silhouettes.

Like the Nomads, purpose, allure and beauty are key and foundation to my artistry. Within my collection I strive to create a modern tribe that’s on a quest seeking freedom and where the voyager can escape every day’s rush.

The collection arises from innovative use of traditional textiles technics and tailoring.

Hand woven fabrics created from wool, cotton, embossed leather and special polymorph plastic threads, developed in cooperation with the Technical University Eindhoven; six techniques applied in twelve patterns and embroidery with precious gemstones.

The matching accessories and shoes are manufactured in a traditional way, in cooperation with a handicrafts shoemaker, using the same fabrics and shapes as used in the entire collection

Technical molding, draping, pleating and using a zero waste design method, innovative use of silhouettes and textiles in geometrical shapes, to reduce the waste of fabrics till 80 percent.

Each piece of clothing, fabric and shoes is inspired by a country where the nomads are traveling through and is defined by a strong characteristic name.

The focus of this collection is innovative use of materials and silhouettes in haute couture and handicraft, developing ancient techniques to create a complete new image combined with different materials.

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